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One of the most compelling parts of the UrielTones system is our proprietary human-produced tones. These tones provide results far beyond machine produced soundtracks often found in sound therapy devices.

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2002. I have used homeopathic treatments and restructured my diet for 14 years. My friend told me about UrielTones... I have never slept so well as I have since using UrielTones. I use to get up 4-5 times a night but the other night I only got up 1 time. It is a miracle.

–Helen F.

This is absolutely amazing!! I have a lot of stress in my life, working full time... 2 little girls... husband working 2 jobs... My mother passed away last November... I could really use something to make me feel peaceful and bring me back into focus. I cannot wait until the home unit becomes available!

—Carol P

I was ready to head out the door for the grocery store. My head and neck were aching so I thought it was a good time to try out UrielTones. It took care of my discomfort! Amazing!

—Cheryl D

I just had my first experience with the free UrielTones download. It gives me a clear state of mind and an overall wellbeing. Till today I tried different sound therapies but this is on a whole other level!!! Thnx so much for the free gift.


Thank you so very much. I have just listened to it and I was able shut my mind off easily. I now feel more at peace. Thursday will be 2 years since my husband, the love of my life, has passed away. It never gets any easier to live life without him... I will listen to tone every chance I get.


UrielTones Home Unit

Your Introduction to UrielTones Awaits

UrielTones has long been changing lives in wellness centers and health clinics around the world. Now we’re bringing that same technology to the convenience and comfort of your home with the new UrielTones Home Unit.

Remember, our free sample tone is only one component of the full UrielTones system. It will, however, give you a small taste of the revolutionary UrielTones experience.

The full UrielTones Home Unit experience includes additional tones at longer lengths along with pads on major acupuncture meridians that introduce healthy and natural frequencies throughout body to provide you the greatest possible results.