I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue... UrielTones has helped more in the short time I have used it than all the supplements and diet changes and stress reduction techniques over 14 years.

—Helen F.

UrielTones created a deep and vital shift in my entire being with one treatment.

—Susan Rohr BSN, RN, owner Brookfield Health and Wellness

I have never slept so well as I have since using UrielTones.

—Helen F.

She is a highly sensitive child who experiences difficulty in being able to calm herself on a consistent basis… We have been so amazed and pleased that after a treatment and a good night's sleep, she is able to regulate her emotions once again and handle the daily stress of school and life.

—Sara W.

I have worked with patients over the years who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, restless legs, and sleep apnea. I truly believe there is a large segment of the sleep patient population that would greatly benefit by using UrielTones.

—Paul Anderson RPSGT

The UrielTones technology is amazingly effective... I've worked with many tones and feel there is something special in these.


UrielTones Home Unit

With this easy-to-use home device, you can experience a new level of calmness, peace, and rest—all through the safe, natural healing power of human-produced sound frequencies.

Patented. Proven. Guaranteed.

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with Standard Earbuds**

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$491 full payment or
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** For the best results, we strongly recommend the use of over-the-ear, professional-grade headphones (not noise cancelling).


Money Back Guarantee

We are so convinced that UrielTones will be of great benefit to you and your loved ones that we are offering an unconditional money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days from delivery for instruction to return the product, undamaged and in full working condition along with all original parts and accessories, for a full refund of your purchase price. 

How Can UrielTones Help Me?

people, family and rest concept - happy child with parents sleeping in bed at home

Better Sleep

Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, wake rested


Less Stress

Creates a clear, calm, whole body experience


More Energy

Balances and rejuvenates all body systems

Young potter at work

Focused Mind

Counters the effects of Wifi and toxic EMF exposure

What Makes UrielTones So Unique?

UrielTones in-home sound therapy device emits pure uncompressed full spectrum human tones that rebalances you, leaving you with a clear head, improved health, better sleep, and a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.


The Human Voice

Kinder and gentler than digital sound


Unique Harmonics

Rebalance your body and your mind


Whole Body Experience

Hear it through earphones, feel it through pads

Where's The Science?

Modern technology has brought us amazing gifts, as well as challenges our bodies were never designed to handle. These challenges... exposure to harmful man-made EMF's, toxins and stress... are affecting our health and wellbeing. Artificial harmful EMF's from WIFI and cell phone transmissions overpower and scramble the subtle natural frequencies the cells in our bodies use to communicate and maintain health. 

The result? Difficulty sleeping, foggy thinking, no energy, stress, nervousness and a compromised immune system. UrielTones delivers healthy natural sound to the body that eliminates the static and returns the cells to their natural healthy frequency. Our technology uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment to retune your body and mind. 

UrielTones can be used on its own or alongside other treatment protocols to enhance your path to wellness. Our advisory board includes MD’s, PhD’s, environmental and research scientists, naturopaths, and experts in the field of music therapy, all who stand behind the power of sound therapy as a proven path to health and wholeness.

Why Is UrielTones Effective?

We use the human voice rather than a digital source to produce our sound frequencies. Our bodies were designed to recognize and work with these natural frequencies more easily than digital sound. At the same time, we added unique harmonies that increase the power of our human tones.

Because our bodies are mostly water and sound travels farther and holds its signal longer in water, we chose to use sound rather than light to deliver our balancing frequencies.

By immersing the whole body by using headphones as well as pads on major acupuncture points, this allows for a far more effective approach. Experience the difference risk-free at home or if you are a Medical Professional, find out more here.


Better Rest? Less Stress? More Sleep?

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