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UrielTones has enjoyed some incredible success since it started. With hundreds of dedicated users and over 250 “5-Star” Reviews - from all over the world, we’ve learned a lot and are excited to present our new evolution.

Introducing HUSO. It may be a new name, but it’s birthed from the core of our product - HUman SOund. With 2 NEW programs (6 Total) and a much-improved user experience - we’re confident you'll enjoy the incredible benefits of what was known as UrielTones in new + exciting ways. Pre-orders are open now and we're thrilled to have you take part in this journey with us!

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There are over five thousand scientific papers and peer-reviewed studies on the health dangers of electromagnetic (EMF) fields such as WiFi and cell phone transmissions. UrielTones can directly counter the effects of these fields by recalibrating the biofield to its healthy resonant frequency.

UrielTones can be used on its own or easily incorporated as a complementary modality to other treatment protocols. It has the ability to enhance other healing paradigms, thus creating an overall more favorable experience.

UrielTones Unique Effectiveness

Human generated sound is the most powerful carrier of frequency when compared to machine or digitally produced frequency or tones created through the use of tools such as musical instruments, singing bowls, or tuning forks.

The body will more readily entrain with the human voice, as it is organic to us. The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well.

Our bodies are 60% to 75% water. Sound waves serve as a more effective carrier of frequency than light. Sound is able to penetrate more deeply and travel for much longer distances in a liquid medium than light waves that quickly dissipate.

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Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Health Studies

There are over five thousand scientific papers and peer reviewed studies demonstrating the health dangers of electromagnetic (EMF) fields such as WiFi and cell phone transmissions.

Even research sponsored by the cell phone industry shows a link between cell phones and insomnia, confusion, depression, and headaches.

The head of the largest Belgium cell phone manufacturer has banned WiFi and uses a landline in his office.

Many European countries are placing outright bans or strongly recommending limits on EMF exposure, especially for young children. In 2015 France banned WiFi in preschools.

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"If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

"Electromagnetism controls all chemical reactions, all biologic response, and life itself."

Steven Hawking, A Brief History of Time

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